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[Character Drama CD "Persona 3" Vol. 3] Jacket
Released By: Frontier Works



People still say no bueno? :/

Pretty sure Spanish people still speak spanish

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This issue is narrated by the Joker from inside Arkham. He’s talking to his psychiatrists about Robin.  It’s a really interesting take on the Robin legacy.  He talks about Dick leaving (with some pretty hilarious theories about where he went), Jason’s arrival and death (interestingly, he seems to think Jason died by crowbar, when we know he survived the beating long enough to try to rescue his mom), and finally meeting Tim. 

The Joker actually has a very high opinion about of Tim.  He allots him quite a bit of credit.  Look at the huge pile of villains beneath his visualization of Tim…

Robin 85


He was honestly the only normal character in the whole movie. 

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